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  • When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.
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  • I know that no one else can save me from myself but these words, like painted glass have frozen me between so just sing sing to me when you can breathe when you can't sleep when you're feeling alone and the words aren't right just sing, sing to me..
  • When we were in our youth We had dreams that we could fly We had friends that weren't visible And love that never died And as we grow old and felt the pain That we always knew the truth That love would heal if we stayed true To the dreams of our youth
  • Don't let 'em kill your soul So, I keep on shuffling on and on 'Cause it's all the same to me
  • And though it's been a long time You’re right back where you started from I see it in your eyes That now you’re giving up the gun...
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